Welcome to the blog, which I’ll do my best to update every week. Sometimes I’ll post one of my newspaper columns – now largely featuring the vexed questions of married life, getting older and coping with lockdown – and sometimes it’ll be news and views on my writing, or writing in general. I’m also aware that a few people who read my books would like to write their own books, so from time to time I’ll write some ‘advice’ posts as well…
Mark Richards

The Not Very Good Friday

Easter Saturday! We’re off to see the Beloved Daughter! She’s moved into her new house. Her first home. First time buyer. Mortgage. ‘Here are your keys.’ The works… And yes, she’s bought it with the boy formerly known as Could-be-Serious. It may be time to start writing a speech.  …And preparing a list. Apparently we […]


My Vital Organs

T’wife were feelin’ a bit out o’ sorts… My beloved had been a touch off colour for a couple of days. Now here she was waking up and feeling dizzy.  “Like I had three or four years ago, remember?”  “I do. Just stay there and take it easy,” I said, handing her a cup of […]


Inky Fingers

I hammered another nail into the coffin this week. Dealt another savage blow to the nation’s high street.  I bought some pens. Yes, from you-know-where. In a previous life I’d have gone into Rymans. Then bought a sandwich.  Maybe some socks from Mountain Warehouse. ‘Might as well do my clothes shopping for the year while […]


A Darker Shade of Pale

It started in County Kerry. “A pint of lager,” I’d mumble after each day’s walking. San Miguel, Peroni, Amstel in a crisis. There was always one of my old mates on tap. Alex, meanwhile was taking longer to decide. Now he was engaging the barman in a serious discussion about ‘local craft IPAs.’ IPA. That […]


The Books Behind You

‘I’m sorry, Minister, isn’t that the ‘Kama Sutra’ on your bookshelf?’ ‘I can only repeat. Our response to the pandemic has been measured, responsible and at all times – What? I’m talking about the pandemic. The Government’s outstanding – ’ ‘And just next to it, Minister. ‘Politics for Dummies’ if I’m not mistaken…’ Like millions […]