The Echo of Bones

The Echo of Bones by author Mark Richards

“Find her for me, Mr Brady. I know she’s dead. I know I’ll never see her again. But find her. Give me a place to go on her birthday. Christmas Day. Somewhere I can take her teddy bear. Lay flowers. Find Alice for me, Mr Brady. Please…” 

It’s 20 years since Alice went missing. 

There’s never been any trace. 

Until now. 

Until some bones are found in a shallow grave on the cold, bleak North York Moors. 

But is it Alice? 

Or Becky? The other local girl – who disappeared a month earlier…

The Echo of Bones is the third book in the Michael Brady series. 

He has to re-open the old wounds. He has to find the real killer. And he has to stop seeing the similarities between his daughter and one of the murdered girls.

With the local families waiting for the man long believed guilty to come out of jail, with a boss determined to stop him discovering the truth – and without Frankie Thomson to help him – this is a case that affects Michael Brady like no other…