Salt In The Wounds

Salt in the Wounds by author MARK RICHARDS

His best friend has been murdered, his daughter’s in danger. 

There’s only one answer. Going back to his old life. 

The one that cost him his wife…

Michael Brady was a high-flying detective, working on a high-profile case. 

And much too close to the truth. 

Someone arranged a hit-and-run. 

But they missed Brady. And hit his wife. 

And after six months sitting by her bed, he took the only decision he could take. He turned the machine off. 

Now he’s back home in Whitby. Trying to rebuild his life. And be a good dad to his teenage daughter. 

But when his best friend is murdered Brady – unwillingly at first – is drawn into the investigation. 

And when the only people he has left are threatened, he finds there’s only one answer. 

Going back to his old life…

“Had me gripped from the start. A truly captivating story, very well told. Really didn’t want it to end and eagerly awaiting the next one in this series.” 

“You know you’re hooked by a book when you really care what happens to the characters. Read it in three sittings.” 

“I prefer reading a series of books. I like getting to know the characters and seeing the development in their lives. Mark Richards has created such a likeable character in Mike Brady that you want to become his friend, go for a drink with him or give him a hug when he obviously needs one. I read all three Brady books within a week and am waiting for the fourth with baited breath. I can highly recommend each one.”