The River Runs Deep

The River Runs Deep by author MARK RICHARDS

Good people do bad things 

Bad people do good things

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference… 

Gina Foster’s body has floated down the River Esk. 

It looks like an accident. 

But Michael Brady has his doubts. 

It’s a year since his wife died. He’s back in the police force, trying to prove himself to a new boss. And be a good dad to his teenage daughter. 

Is it murder? Or does Brady need it to be murder?

Brady’s convinced the answer lies in Gina’s past. But his boss is doing everything he can to stop Brady finding out what that past was. 

Then DS Frankie Thomson uncovers the truth. And suddenly there’s not one person who might have wanted to kill Gina. 

There’s a hundred and one…

“I read a lot of detective books, but none has drawn me into another world like this one. Loved it. Cannot wait for the rest of the Michael Brady series.” 

“Another thrilling read. Could not put it down! The depth of the characters is so good I couldn’t stop thinking about the story after I’d finished it.” 

“A book that made me question myself. How far would I go to protect the people I love?”