Crossing The White Line

Crossing the White Line by MARK RICHARDS

Michael Brady risked it all – for the man who nearly killed him. 

Two years later – and he has to do it all again.

“I don’t care what it costs me. He’s not going to beat me. Not a second time…” 

Charlie Irvine – former football star – is dead. Full of drugs and booze he’s been found in the local canal. 

Brady knows who’s responsible. 

But there’s no proof, no evidence, no witnesses. 

“I sat by the river and waited. The body of my enemy floated past. And it waved two fingers at me…” 

Brady’s got one chance. And one chance only. 

Or he’s on his own…

“So another casualty for tonight. A copper who’s too stupid to do as he’s told.” Gary Cooke shook his head sadly. “Come on, son. Cabaret time…”

‘Crossing the White Line’ is the second Michael Brady Short Read, following The ‘Scars Don’t Show.’ 

“A superb introduction to Detective Michael Brady. Brilliant!”

“Another brilliant, enthralling read – with plenty of humour as well. I was hooked, and it’s a great addition to the Brady series.”